Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Putting My Best Foot Forward...

Me who fears public commitment to projects, as I am a slow finisher, compared to most.   Is putting my best foot forward... to enter the Schnibbles Contest.  I will be entering through
 if your interested check out the details...  HERE!

I have selected to serve up "Fruit Cake" by basicgrey.  I was hesitant going with this line as it was sight unseen for me.  BUT...after I took the plunge and bought my charm packs, I have no regrets!  It is as fun,  as unique, and yet just as classic; as their Christmas line last year, Figgy Pudding.  I am looking forward to the challenge and anxious to see how my project finishes. 

See you at the finish line!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Making my way back...

Well...I am "making my way back" into blog land. I have NO BIG excuses or at least I am NOT going to use them here, other than "sometimes life interrupts." I kept up on my "reading" but, not on my posting. After having been away so long I question if I should just be a quiet blogger and only read others (my followers are few). BUT, I do feel I have things to share and occasionally "show-off." I currently don't belong to local quilt groups and have been somewhat disappointed in what my local quilt shops have to offer with the exception of one. However, soon after I moved to the area a year ago that shop made the decision to stop offering classes/workshops. That is when I started to get explore the online quilt blogs and a "real" friend invited me to join an online virtual bee group, that too has been a struggle for me. BUT...I am here to say I am NOT giving up. I will work to earn my followers and hopefully that number will grow.

The pictures below are of a lap top quilt "Jelly Filled by Thimble Blossoms" I recently finished for a wedding gift. Darling daughter picked out the kit(with some guidance from me where to find it) and I did the work. We wanted this to be a "keepsake" for a special young woman and her new husband. **the day I was taking these pictures we were having ANOTHER nasty storm rolling through and I has home alone so the lighting distorts the beautiful colors of Verna that were used.**

finally.. the backing.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will give me another chance. Please stop back soon, I will have more to share!