Friday, January 29, 2010

Duchman's Puzzle

My interpretation of the Dutchman's puzzle for the "Circuit Block Party" exchange. This is my first exchange and I did not realize how nerve racking it would be cutting into someone else's fabric. I hope I did the beautiful Asian prints justice. It bothers me that I cut off the birds head but, I really liked the "feathering" print of the body. I hope it's not a disappointment for Heidi. I am looking forward to the next challenge!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Walk...

Would you like to take a quick winter walk with me? Here are a few pictures of what was left behind when the ice storm passed through mid week. Luckily, it was not enough to do damage but enough to make a difficult commute. Beautiful to look at! (to do these pictures justice click on them to enlarge).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ohhh, so nice to touch...

When it comes to fabric, I love to touch! These little beauties arrived in the mail the other day they are January fabrics for the "Circuit Block Party" the vitual sewing bee that I am taking part in this year. Click the button on this blog for more details and to follow along. We are a group of 12 woman from all over the world who will be exchanging blocks through out the year. My month is July, to share my fabrics and pattern choice. I have been "looking and looking" trying to decide what I want to share...just not sure, any ideas? Anyhow, these were the fabrics for the month of January and Heidi has asked that they be made into a dutchmans puzzzle block, see here...(sorry, I am not tech savy to put on a simple link, still learning!) This is a good tutorial!

Anyhow, bottom line is these are beautiful fabrics, not just to look at but also to touch...believe me the picture does not do these fabrics justice. These have to be "fondled" to appreciate. Thanks for letting me fondle them Heidi!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it tacky to re-gift?

I hope not! (at least not this type of re-gifting). These were suppose to be Christmas gifts for the kids in the neighborhood. They are now going to be their Valentines! When my machine developed an attitude a couple days before Christmas these were on the table 3/4 done. Well, I am happy to say I am now a head of the game for Valentines Day!

Sophia returned home, end of last week. There was nothing wrong with her per say. She was in need of a good cleaning (this machine does not need oil). I was told to have her cleaned professionally once a year. I have only had her cleaned once before on her first birthday and that was complimentary. We have since relocated to eastern Iowa so I took her into a local certified Huskavarna dealer with a good reputation to do the maintenance. I did not ask what a standard cleaning cost, thinking it would be in the ball park of the shop where I adopted her; The Quilting Connection in Ames, IA. I was blown away when I was told it would be $96.27 I asked if they had to do something more and they said no our standard cleaning is $89.95 + tax. WOW!!! Is it me or does that seem excessive? Of course I paid it and shame on me for not asking ahead of time but, I just never thought it would be a $30 difference (this is money that could have been spent on fabric!) On my way home I called The Quilting Connection to see if their rates had gone up and no they were still $59 but, a 3 hour drive away. I will be doing a bit more research next time before I just drop her off again! I also, bought her a gift. I purchased a small vacuum attachment kit ($12 investment)that will attach to my regular vacuum to help keep her clean. I can also use on computer and other small!

Now, where did that get put???

I have misplaced myself, my focus, my mojo... I am in a bit of a rut here and scrambling to get out of it. I can't seem to streamline myself to accomplish anything. I think about what I need to do and what I want to do...but, that seems to be as far as it gets. I am not a winter person and when it gets cold I simply want to hibernate. I had all these big plans this year, that I would sew my way through a long winter and take advantage of having to be indoors. Well, here it is mid-January and I have no focus and nothing completed! Sophia has returned home (more on that later) and I have no where I have to be today, so I am heading up to my sewing room to see if I can find my mojo that has been misplaced!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Feeling so well...

Being wrapped in a quilt makes everything feel better, right? This is Sophia pronounced "sew fee ah." She has been under the weather and is going to visit the Dr today for a check-up and cleaning. Most of the time we get a long very well but she developed an attitude just before Christmas; as a matter of fact delaying a few gifts. She has put on a lot of miles this year both with her sewing feet and in the car with a couple trips up to North Dakota. She also, had a major move and went from living in town to being a country girl. Were off to the Dr.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Plain & Simple... give it consideration

Why do we start a project and not finish? Do other things distract you, or does another project look better, or do you simply loose interest? Well, this simple 153 page book took me years to read...WHY? A friend sent this book to me 4 years ago and I am ashamed to say I just finished it. I can't deny, it was a "s l o w... start" for me and I couldn't keep going. I had something better to do, I got distracted, I am saving it for a trip. Well, the excuses were endless. Anyhow, I picked the book up again and said NO MORE. There was a reason my friend wanted me to read the book. I now know why! It was a light read, that has a deep meaning (it just had a beginning I couldn't get past). It is not only delightful but, insightful. This was a good way to begin the New Year. Perhaps in 2010, I will look at people, things, and life in general differently now... After all "What really matters?" I have not written a book report in years and I am not sure this will intice anyone to open the book (apologies to Sue Bender the author) as I have not done the book justice. It is worthy and I DO RECOMMEND the book. You won't be sorry. You will find yourself asking "Why didn't I read this sooner?"