Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Waiting...

For Spring here, still cool and raining again! 

I had a day off midweek, ALL to myself.  SO, is CRAZY BUSY at work, the paper work is official as of today, the Casino sold and the new owners have ownership.  SO,  has LOTS and LOTS of changes ahead.  It is bitter sweet for him and, is going in with an open mind.  With all that is happening at work for SO, it leaves me with a lot of time to myself.  I am trying to make the most of my time with projects.  So, when SO is back to a somewhat normal schedule and the weather warms up, we can play outside together.

I dug out my Charm Pack Quilt Along, UFO from last year. 

Finished up the blocks...

And tried several lay outs...

                                                                               # 1

# 2

                                                                              # 3

                                                                             # 4

                                                                             # 5
There is suppose to be a 2" yellow inner border and larger outer border, I am thinking the red floral that is in the quilt.

Which layout do you like?  Suggestions appreciated,,,  Thanks!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Match Game...

Do you ever have something in your head that sits there for a long time... Well, this is what has been sitting in my head ...
                                                  This is my version of a match game.

My grandson Logan who is two and a half was coming to visit and I wanted a simple game that he and I (or more) could play... or he that could, play alone.

I created game pieces out of novelty prints, that I thought would interest him.  (the print in the upper right hand corner is potatoes, they are farmers and potatoes is one of the crops they grow, so that was a given).

All that was left, was to play...

I made up twelve different sets.  He was more interested in the game when we played with just half of the prints.  He was able to remember better where he had seen something and would go back to it.  What was great about this game was he basically could not harm the pieces.  He enjoyed hauling them around and would even just sit and study them.  I meant to take more pictures but, as usual we get caught up and lost track of time. 

 If you click on this picture it will give you a good idea how I finished the pieces off.

I found a container just his size, that he could carry around without worries of breaking and could open up by himself.

I sent half the game home with him and have kept the other half.  Every now and then, I will send him another match set to add to his set.
Over all, I would say it was a success!
(oh, by the way... I had to pull him away from washing the dishes to play this round... hence the wet shirt!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pin cushion swap II....

Life has been busy... "A GOOD BUSY."   My DD and grandson Logan have been visiting from ND.  I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THIER VISIT and will share more of that later.

However, this post is about the pin cushion I created,  for the second pin cushion swap. I showed you my mini string blocks a while back (oh geesh, I just realized it was my last post). Oh well, this is what I did with them...

 I am tickled with how it turned out...  It's "original and cheery" which is what I had hoped to accomplish!
The recipient lives in England, and I am pretty sure she doesn't read my blog. So, I am going to show you the fun card I found that I have included...

 Is this card funny or what??? So appropriate...
Unfortunately, I did not meet the swap deadline (today!) but, I am hoping it will have been worth the wait!!!