Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great winter pass time...

This beauty was a gift from my family in Idaho we started on Christmas day and finished this morning. Does this qualify as hand quilting?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A gift from my stash!

This sweet little package was from my SO. It was the most intriguing of all the gifts. I had to take a double take when I first saw it. The bow caught my eye. It was the salvage from the figgy pudding line; that I had used to make 3 lap tops this fall. I looked closer; the wrap was also fabric and the tag too! Where did the cute snowman fabric come from? Hmmm...had he gone to the quilt store without me? What...from my stash? Cute, real cute. My SO had snuck up to my sewing room and used various things he found to create this adorable package. He then hand sewed it together. I was not allowed to use tools to open it. That was cheating...the nerve! So, needless to say it took me a while and to be honest it was just too cute to take apart. But, I did! Inside was a note telling me to open my email and my gift would be revealed...It was a VERY nice GC to the SPA! Awesome gift, that I will truly enjoy. He is right... I am spoiled! But hey, who is to blame for that?

P.S. Equally impressive was that he did not cut up any fabric to wrap the gift. He just made it work. His comment was he feared what might have happened if he had... ohh come on... I am spoiled... not mean!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Happy Elf...

This is one of my grandson's this picture was just too cute not to share... It warms my insides everytime I look at it. He does not live close by so I depend on his mom to keep me in the loop. This little guy has such a sunny disposition and those are the most kissable dimples!!! I wish all kids could be this happy!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


The quilt package made it to it's destination just in time, on Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Will They Make It ???

I have made and finished 3 of these lap tops using Moda's figgy pudding line; each one has had a different color way. My darling daughter (DD) requested I make the first one for a wedding gift: she wanted something special. She had received a quilt from a family friend when she got married which she loves. She knows and respects the love and time involved with quilting. When she saw the first one ( sorry, no picture)she wanted one for herself and then we decided this would be a nice gift we could make/give to my oldest sons girl friend. Well, the idea was good but finding the fabric locally was a challenge. I live in Iowa she lives in North Dakota. I did some calling and made a short trip to get my hands on more of the "figgy pudding." Super simple pattern "Serendipity" was used and a friend of mine quilted them with snow flakes (thanks for meeting my deadlines!). I did use the peppermint twist on the back of all of them; just too cute!!! Click on the pictures to see the details. I just finished the last of the binding this morning and they are in the mail...

Friday, December 18, 2009

My quilt guard!

This is Anna, the replacement for our empty nest. Can you tell she has had to watch over my quilts before? I can't complain too much about her when I have a quilt on the floor she will walk around it; over and over if need be. It's when she sneaks into my sewing room and trys to read a pattern or magazine that I have issues. She has been known to shredd them; always seems to be when she feels neglected and left at home too much! For the most part she is a joy and does a great job watching over my quilts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On my design wall... but on hold

This is what is currently on my design wall... but on hold. I am scurring to finish several projects in time for Christmas so this project sits on hold. The pattern is "Sunday Picnic" from Heather Mulder Petersons, "Livin Large." I am anxious to get back to this but prioritys first! I have made 3 lap size quilts using Modas "Figgy Pudding" and bought enough fabric to do some table tops but decided the "Sunday Picnic" pattern was an awesome fit for this line of fabric. What do you think?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

HOLIDAY CANDY with no calories @ least in the eyes of this quilter!

Looks like holiday candy... to me!

These two pieces of holiday candy are bindings I will be using on two little quilts I am working on. The red is the quilt backing. I am working against the clock these days. So much too do and soo little time. Dang if work doesn't throw itself into the middle.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


These two quilts were done this fall for gifts. I enjoyed using masculine colors on this quilt to achive a non-traditional baby boy quilt.

I was going for a uni-sex quilt when I picked the yellow & Red for this quilt. I really liked this pattern and think it has a sweet & simple look for a baby. By the way it was a girl!

The Beginning...

Everything has a beginning and this is my first attempt at blogging. I have been a reader and admirer of many blogs and decided it was time to create my own. The technical side of this is going to be a challenge. It is doubtful I will blog everyday but, hope you find it interesting enough that you want to come back and see what is happening in my world.