Monday, January 23, 2012


I spent yesterday, adding the corners to every other block in the center.
  What do you think?

I also, moved the monogram square to it's rightful place...
I am good with it,  I think they will stay.  Besides, they have to because I cut them...

and now have a pile of little half squares.  I don't think I can through these away, they are just too cute!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last night while it snowed and the winds whirled outside, I was warm and cozy in sewing room.  I am happy with the progress I made

I finished up the sq. blocks and filled the design wall, to get a feel for the layout.  That large blank block in the lower middle is for a monogram.  The pattern also, calls for 1/2 sq triangles(background fabric) on every other corner of the inside blocks.  Which would give it two different block types(regular sq & snowball)  I like it this way, but will try the 1/2 sq triangle on a few to see what I think.

Most of the night was spent roofing my houses.
It seems, like there are house blocks all over the place these days and while I like them I wasn't convinced I needed to make any.
Until, I saw these made up into a little quilt at my LQS.  It is a simple quilt but I fell in love with it and kept going back for second look.  
 Obviously, I couldn't resist and the kit came home with me.  I am modifying the original just a bit, to make it bigger.   More to come, stay tuned!

Friday, January 20, 2012


It's a cold & blustery night here in Eastern, Iowa.  It looks like it will be just the dog & I for most of the evening.  So... no I mean, Sew?  Why yes, I think I will.  It's the FNSI, Friday Night Sew In!

This bundle of Reindeer Games, by Sandy Gervais has been slashed, and is a work in progress. 

SO's nephew is getting married in April.  I decided to create a Christmas theme quilt for the couple. 

I only have 5 blocks to finish up, before I start the next step.

Then, I will work on roofing these little houses.
I am loving this little project!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Once again, I have been MIA.  It was not planned and I won't give you any excuses.  Life is a bit crazy these days and about to get crazier.  I will share more about that later in the week.   I am afraid if I go into details now, I will jinx the whole thing.  You know bad juju...

I have some BIG plans for 2012 and can't wait to get started,  actually I have started and will have lots to share. 

I realized I never showed the "other side" of the Christmas Swap bag I had made for my partner.
So, here it is...

I was happy with the end results of the bag and thought it made up a fun holiday bag.   It's from basicgrey's holiday line, Jovial.  Would love to have a bed quilt made from this line.