Friday, December 18, 2009

My quilt guard!

This is Anna, the replacement for our empty nest. Can you tell she has had to watch over my quilts before? I can't complain too much about her when I have a quilt on the floor she will walk around it; over and over if need be. It's when she sneaks into my sewing room and trys to read a pattern or magazine that I have issues. She has been known to shredd them; always seems to be when she feels neglected and left at home too much! For the most part she is a joy and does a great job watching over my quilts.


  1. How sweet that she walks around your quilt! I think most animals (and kids) would be right on top of it! :0)

  2. Chesty would be sitting right on top of that quilt. He doesn't understand why he's allowed to sit on my quilts but not the donation ones - of course, everything gets washed anyway before it's donated.