Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday Diddy...

My youngest Grandson is celebrating his 1st Birthday this weekend. I will not be able to attend his party, which is a total bummer. I sent this little diddy in his Birthday package. I was able to finish this up last weekend when my SO and I drove down to Lawton, Oklahoma to attend his youngest sons graduation from Army Boot Camp @ Fort Sill. It was an awesome experience and certainly makes a person proud to be an American.


  1. does make one proud...

  2. That is adorable!
    Hopefully your SO's son will remain safe and serve proudly.

  3. Love the little candle mat--I made one for a model last year for my local quilt shop--it was awful to have to hand it over and the other things I made--you want to keep it all!!!
    Have a great week end
    Hugs, Di