Friday, October 14, 2011

First Applique...

Is finished and it only took two years!!!  Wow, finally it's done.  Darling Daughter and I started this adventure two years ago, when she came for a fall visit.  We worked on it again the next fall, when she returned. I promised, another fall would not go by without it being done, and it it is...

I love the colors and the layout, but I hate the piece.  Well, that is how it finished.  This was my first attempt at applique and had I known... I would have not let so much time lapse in between having worked on it.

 I messed up, literally.  I used spray adhesive and pins, lots of them!  The piece over time and lots fondling during the quilting process began to loosen and while I noticed it,  I didn't realized what was happening and it stretched.  

  The end result is the piece, did not remain flat and taunt and in looks rolly. It was too late, to do anything  at this point.  I was not starting, all over. I had too much time vested and I would just finish it. IF... I ever make the attempt to applique again,  I  will keep at the quilting until the piece is done. I hate life's lessons, especially when it can be prevented!


  1. Oh wow...what a fantastic job!!

  2. You know we always see the flaws in our own pieces! I think it is beautiful and the 'flaws' give it charachter!

  3. Well I think it's very pretty! Will you like it better once it's washed?

  4. That is beautiful! Don't give up on applique because you have done a wonderful job.
    Once it is washed it may tighten back up.
    Pat yourself on the back because it is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. You may not like your applique, but at least you finished it. The pattern is lovely, but I think those leaves would have driven me crazy. Your piece turned out beautifully and you should be very proud of it.

  6. Beautiful work and I agree that "flaws give it character." So dont call them flaws, call it "giving it your own touch?" :)

  7. gorgeous!! I love fall colors.....and I agree, do not call them is your own touch and what a great time I am sure with your daughter as well!!