Saturday, February 6, 2010


The blog has been silent for a week. I am working on some things I can't share at this time. So, I have dug in to my completed projects archives to share some children's quilts with you. Do you see what these quilts have in common?

Ahhh ha! Caught in the act, fondling grama's fat quarters. Besides the adorable little man, what I wanted you to see was the quilt. This was my second attempt at quilting. When I started quilting I had no grandchildren and wanted something that was "unisex." Well, it went together fine but...I have to confess, it took me 4 years to finish; it needed to be quilted and that is not something I am comfortable with, something of which is always a work in the process!

This was my first "attempt" at doing my own thing! No pattern, just colors I thought that would make a fun quilt. This was a gift for the gal who use to do my hair and her baby boy.

This quilt was made for a good friend of mine to welcome the new man in her life, her nephew.

I made this quilt for a co-worker. It is made from one of her scrubs. Whenever she wore the smock I always commented what nice fabric it was and that it would make an adorable children's quilt. Well, one day she took it off and said here you go! It was made for her niece. On the back I managed to salvage one of the pockets for a secret hiding place.

What do these quilts have in common? Well, apparently when it comes to children's quilts I see BRIGHTS! I believe children should live in a happy world and lets face it; brights are generally up lifting but, can border on "GAUDY"... Yikes!


  1. Yes but that is all baby's can see. And a happy baby/child is worth any amount of gaudy. Just be glad you haven;t had to dive into the Princess fabric, that stuff is awful to work with.

  2. What a cutie....

    Ohhhhhhh love all of your quilts!!

  3. Kids love nail the color scheme perfectly in your kid quilts.

  4. Hi! The quilts are gorgeous. At least you have started doing your own quilting! I have not attempted quilting my tablerunner - I've been doing too many blocks for swaps - LOL!!

  5. What a great idea to use the scrubs for a quilt! They're all so bright and cheerful! :0)