Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dual post... GOALS... left behind & going forward...

I have not been looking forward to this post.  You see, I did not succeed in the goal department.  I set goals for July/August and with disgust I can say I didn't do well completing them.  Partly due to me and partly due to life interrupts!  I DID complete my entry into the Schnibble Times Two Contest.  I DID get two small quilt tops for charity made, however they still need to be quilted.  I also, started another project: charm pack quilt along, this was not on my goals list. Like I need to add to my projects list!

Sooo, now I need to set my September/October goals and it is the middle of September!  SO, wants to get in some more motorcycle riding while the weather is good and this really cuts into my sewing time.  I will also be going to the AQS show in Des Moines the first week of October AND if that wasn't exciting enough, my DD is going to also meet up with us later in the week and then return back home with me for an extended visit!  Accompanying her will be my grandson, Logan who turns 2 in November.  She and I do have a couple things we would like to work on but when little ones are involved it takes a back seat and besides he and I have some major playing to catch up on!

Here are my "SOFT GOALS" **meaning I am going to remain flexible and nothing is set in stone.**

     -     Make "match game" for Logan.

     -     Finish the two charity quilts.

     -     Quilt Halloween Table topper.

     -     Work on the "charm pack quilt along."

     -     Work on "fall projects" with DD.

     -     Enjoy fall and the time that will be spent with friends at the AQS show!!!




  1. Well, you did get some of your goals done for July/Aug. And your goals for Sept/Oct sound doable. But I'm with you ride that bike while you can (while the weather is good) and play with Logan while he's with you. That's so much more important.

  2. Sounds like you got quite a bit finished in July/August to me! And, you have lots of great things planned for the next couple of months, too! Can't wait to see your projects - and to hear about the quilt show!