Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looks around...Where did it go???

Is it just me, or did summer just slip away???  I could of swore it was just the 4th of July.  The end of July/August brought lots of family time!!!  Which we truly love since we no longer live close to any of them.  Late July we joined the members of SO's family in Minnesota to celebrate his parents 50th Anniversary. A good time was had by all!

             (cute picture of SO with his parents and siblings)

   Then came August and SO attended his youngest sons  Advance Individual Training, Army graduation in San Antonio.  We now have a paramedic in the family!  The good part of this, was SO brought Army son home for a brief visit before his next assignment in Fairbanks, Alaska.  This meant the world to his dad too have more time with him.

 SO's parents, also came for a short visit.  We always enjoy their company which includes a lot of visiting and card playing.

 In August I was also, treated to a visit from my oldest son who delivered the "entertainment package!"  My youngest grandson, Lane. I totally applaud him for making that long drive with his little man, I know people who think driving across town with toddlers is too much, yet a lone an 11+ hour drive, one way!!!   Lane is 16 months old and full of energy.  I had not seen him since May and at that time he was still getting his land legs beneath him(very wobbly).  This visit was much busier.  We had a great time playing and getting to know each other, what a sweetheart and he likes to cuddle with his grama!.  He was very amusing and gave Anna a run for her money, she loved all the attention. 

When all is said, and done...

(great gift, huh!)
   Then with company gone and summer slipping away.  We took a bike trip over Labor Day weekend.  SO  had upgraded our ride this spring and we had only taken it out on short day, it was time to see just how the new bike traveled.  We left on Friday evening and when all was said and done... we traveled through 5 states (IA, IL, KY,TN, and MO.  We arrived home Monday evening with 1350+ miles under our bums.  SO, had gone above and beyond to make it comfortable for me.  He invested(I could have bought lots of fabric with what, he paid for them!) in "air cushions" which were amazing, and really did make all the difference for being able to sit for long hours at a time on the bike.  I would say they were worth every penny!   We saw some beautiful countryside. 

We had his and her shopping trips!!!

HIS was here...

HERS was here...

It was one of those places I have always wanted to go too!  Well, I was not prepared...  It was not quit as I had envisioned it!  Honestly, I was hoping it would have been more inspirational, more samples and ideas,  The store is VERY large with row upon row of fabric, warehouse style.  There were some great remnant binds with good prices.  I did not buy anything off the bolt and when all was said and done I had a Kona jelly roll and a few remnants, spent less than $50!!!  AND, SO was buying!!!  They were more than willing to ship my purchases home... WHAT THE HECK YOU SAY???

Well, in October I will be attending the fall AQS show in Des Moines, IA with 3 friends from Idaho and would rather have EXTRA $$$ for that trip as I have heard the shopping is abundant!!!  IF...I still have your attention at this point has anyone ever been to the Des Moines AQS show, what can a girl expect???  Is anyone going to the Des Moines, AQS show?


  1. I won't be at the show but do hope you'll share photos with us. I was delighted to see you post to your blog today...I've been wondering about you and could easily see you have been busy.

  2. You will love it! I will be in the Fons and Porter booth Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I would love to see you. This show is out of site. I have gone every year and now it is bigger than ever so wear comfy shoes, clothes----- and you will have a wonderful time. There will be lots to see! :)Carolyn

  3. Mother dear- you have been busy!! I thought you were supposed to be an 'ol grama making cookies and quilting- you are a young 'ol grama and ride Harley's and quilt instead! Can't wait to see you in October- and who all is meeting at the Quilt Show?