Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come & Gone... but, not without REGRETS!!!

The AQS show in Des Moines has come and gone...  It was a good time had by all!  Pictures you say, well I did not take my camera into the show as I was told pictures were not allowed by most vendors, etc and I figured it was just another thing to carry.  I can respect that, so no camera in hand (regret that now!).  More often then not the vendors asked that you not take pictures but, some exceptions were made, for instance if you were buying the pattern/kit.   I did take a few pictures of us "hanging out" in the hotel in the evenings, more often than not with a project in hand.  Those pictures are on my DD camera, including the picture of me and the girls from Idaho.  These girls know how to turn out the projects, their combined knowledge is deep and I LOVED playing 20 questions with them!!!  We shopped , ate, and roamed the show for 3 days.  It was great;  lots of quilts admired,  many ideas gathered, and plenty of future projects bought.  Thank you to Lynn, Marilyn, & Julie for coming all that way and especially for sharing your expertise with DD, who started her first wool project with their guidance.  She has finished it and looks forward to another!!!

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