Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay... I feel my attempts at sewing and blogging have been meek lately.  I am working on yet, another NEW project!!! I am looking for quick gratification and I do believe this project fulfills that need.   This one is quick and fun and I am in LOVE with the rich fall colors.  You, ask what does MIGRATION have to do with this??? 

 Well, my flying geese are preparing for their migration south and here is a teaser of what is to come!  I use to live in the "migration flyway" while raising my children in North Dakota and every year I was in awe of this flight of nature.  How hundreds of thousands of water fowl birds would make the trip (actually twice a year).  On their way to nesting grounds up North in Canada and then make the same trip to winter down south.  It was truly a sign that the seasons were changing and an awesome sight.
 I still stop in my tracks when I see a flock of geese move across the sky.
So here, I share with you my migration of geese...

Stay tuned to see the formation these flying geese make...


  1. Your flying geese look great! We have geese and cranes here and it's so cool to see them flying overhead! :0)

  2. You're off to a beautiful start; the blocks have a warm, autumn feel.

  3. Oh goodness....I was making several flying geese over the weekend but worked them into stars. As I worked on them I was thinking I really ought to make a flying geese little quilt. Enjoyed seeing yours.

  4. Sorry to say I'm not nearly as excited about these "Goosies" as you are! I'm a little confused why you would ever want to start a new project when your poor loving daughter is sitting by the mailbox waiting for a beautifully quilted fall scene. ;)

  5. Looking good!

    I wished we could have met at the Quilt show here in Des Moines I worked in the Fons and Porter's booth in the mornings. I would have loved to have met you.

    Carolyn :)