Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just in time...

I am happy to say I have a finish, just in time to get into the mail and off to my youngest grandson, Lane who is 18 months old.  I had this pieced last year and when I went to quilt it, my machine copped an attitude and it did not get finished so, it was put away in a drawer and almost forgotten. 

 I am pleased with this happy little quilt. It is bright and cheery and full of texture. I used flannel, minke, velveteen, and a very soft fuzzy white. I experimented with the backing... I bought a micro fleece blanket at a discount store and did not use batting. This blanket is soft and flimsie and sure to be a petting delight!

There is only one thing wrong...  I won't be able to snuggle and rock with him. 
I think this blanket will do a good job keeping him warm, he lives in Minnesota.


  1. What a beautiful quilt! I'm so glad you got it done to send to send to your grandson! :0)

  2. Love your idea for the backing. That must be so comfy and cozy. The striped binding really ties it all together!

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful!! And the binding is just too cute!!!

  4. How fun! I made quilts for all my grandkids, too, and I don't get to snuggle with them either. I love the striped binding--don't stripes do something magical? I might try the fleese backing sometime, it's just so warm.