Monday, February 21, 2011

That's a wrap...

These house blocks are my final blocks for the Circuit Block Party, online Quilting Bee...

For the past year I have been a member of the Circuit Block Party, an on line quilting group.  We were 12 ladies from all corners of the world, US, Canada, UK, and Australia we had enough members that we could each have a month,  through out the year 3 dropped out leaving 9 of us.  The group is disolving,  but were offered the option to join into another group as the Bee Mom had 3 Bee groups and was combining them to make one group.  I have opted out.  It was a great adventure and definitely a growing experience but, I found myself got "hung up" on the fact that if I had bee blocks to do, I felt guilty working on my own stuff.  I know, there is that guilt word again!

 I loved seeing and touching the fabrics that the other group members would send each month with their block request.  I liked the fact that this group at times would take me out of my comfort zone and presented some new challenges, such as paper pieching that I still , don't get it and found it to be VERY frustrating.  I also discovered that I liked working on  "improve" blocks.  I had never done them before and was very intimidated by the thought but, once I got going, I had fun!  I did receive some GREAT blocks back from the group during my month and will be sharing those with you in another post, as I am ready to start creating a layout with them.

Another door closes, but the window in my mind has broaden and things I have learned belonging to this group will stay with me, as I look forward to the next phase of my quilting journey!


  1. I love these blocks, they look wonderful. I often thought of joining a group like this but worried about the time restraints.

  2. I would like a quilter's group that gets together purely for the social aspect of it. Seems that is very hard to come by. I like your house blocks - I have a favorite quilt that has house blocks in it. BTW, I am still here in MN - for now, but perhaps not for long. :-D

  3. Love the house blocks! I would love to find a quilt group that gets together purely for the social aspect when I move. My enjoyment from a 'guild' is just the show n tell! LOL