Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Life has been busy around our place lately and not much sewing has been going on.
Things are getting back to normal after a week of company.  We were blessed with a visit from SO's sons.  Son #1 (Boat man) who came from Arizona with his girl friend and husky, Jaxon. Son #2 (Army man) came from Alaska.  Army man is on a short leave from the Army before he has to return to Alaska and then on to Afghanistan (proud to have him serve his country but, creates a heavy heart for his family).

There is not a whole lot of activity in Eastern Iowa this time of year.  We are waiting for spring (however  it  did get to mid 60's today, woo hoo!  We did do some eagle watching along the Mississippi (I found an eagle feather that I passed on to our guest), did some sight seeing in Galena, Illinois, spent an evening bowling, and one day the others went pheasant hunting @ a game farm(which the dog is paying for! she has not been out hunting in 2 years and over did it, she required a visit to the vet and is now under house arrest, no activity for 3 weeks!).

There were dozens of eagles in the area, which is an impressive sight!  However, my batteries were dying, so my photos were few!

I liked this shot of Army man standing on this dead tree which is frozen in the water.

This is a sign of a good fishing hole... If you click on the picture you will see at least 5 or 6 lures/bobbins which were hanging in the tree!  I will be going back here in a few months, to see for myself!

Every now and then I  was able to sneak into my sewing room to play.  I am working on "color/quiet books" for my little men.  I saw these on someone else's blog and knew I had to make my own.   I ordered the letters from the book designer here... and she cut a couple "custom colors, gray & aqua"  per my request.
Here's what I have done so far...

These are just too fun!!!

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  1. I would be in heaven to see all those eagles! The first egg hatched this morning at the eagle cam that I follow. How exciting! You might want to let your friend know that pssession of an eagle feather could result in fines of up to $100,000 and a year in prison. Seems kind of crazy if you find one laying on the ground!