Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Spy Swap II ...

                                                                More things, I spy...
dogs in sweaters, golf balls & tees, Christmas candy, Christmas lights, tennis shoes, birds & nests, nuts & bolts with wrench's, animals, pink spiders & webs, and lastly dinosaur skeletons.

I am participating in another I spy swap.  This time over at   Green Apple Orchard.   When I get the blocks back I will have a nice variety of blocks, over 200 4" blocks.  Not sure how many a person needs to make a lap size quilt.  Has anyone done one of these?  If so do you have a pattern suggestion or thoughts on a layout.  I have something in my head but, might be needing more blocks.


  1. This will be so much fun - like this swap. Judy C

  2. Check out for free patterns Happy Blocks and I think the other one is called Twisted Happy Blocks. You'll need to adjust a bit for the smaller novelty block size, but they are cute.

  3. Looks like a fun swap, I will be looking forward to your creation with these cute squares!

    Carolyn :)