Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swap in, Swap out...

I have been involved in a number of swaps this spring.  A couple of pincushions swaps.  One, of which I received nothing in return.  Oh well,  I guess that's a chance I take signing up.  Leaves me feeling greedy for signing up for two.  Should have been happy with one!

I also, took part in two eye spy swaps.  I now have over 200 4" squares to use in my own eye spy quilt. 

It's a quick, easy way to get a variety of novelty squares.

Then there is the Red & White swap over at Sew Many Ways.  We are exchanging 5" squares and in return will receive back 125 Red & White squares.  I can hardly wait to see what variety comes back to me.

Here is my fabric choice...

 It's a simple little pattern but , this picture is messing with the optics. 

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  1. Sad when you put in on a swap and the other people do not! Your stash on the I-spy look super fun!!