Thursday, June 9, 2011

Perhaps, it was meant to be...

I am joining... The Farmers Wife quilt-a-long, over on flicker. (take a peek, it's very inspiring and growing across the quilting community).

My reasons for wanting to make this quilt are probably more sentimental than most.

My friend Lynn, sent me a copy of "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt" by Laurie Aaron Hird after visiting her ranch in Idaho, last year. She had a copy and I could not leave it alone. Shortly, after arriving home I received my own copy in the mail, courtesy of Lynn. She, has been known to feed my quilting passion, of which I am very grateful! Yes, I am drawn to the challenge this quilt presents and I want to create an heirloom. However, the main reason I NEED to make this quilt is...

In my past life I was "The Farmers Wife." Yes, I was married to a farmer in North Eastern, North Dakota. I grew up in Arizona, a city girl and married the "boy next door" to grama (whom, I visited in the summer). He happened to be the son of a farmer and the rest is history... My three children, are farm raised. I have since moved away but, all three kids still remain in the North Dakota, all with agricultural connections

My daughter is now, "The Farmers Wife" and is raising her family on a farm. So, it only seems appropriate I make this quilt.

I am going to use Denyse Schmidt's line, Picnic & Fairground from JoAnn's (I was impressed with the quality of this line and I have been accused of being a fabric snob!). I purchased the fabric earlier this spring and was waiting for just the right project. Well, this is it! It has a vintage, yet modern flair and think it will compliment the quilt nicely. I have also ordered a bundle of the Australian cousins from this line and will incorporate some other fabrics to compliment.

I will probably be slower than most creating my blocks but, I look forward to the challenge!


  1. Hi Kim, I've been toying with the idea of starting Farmer's Wife for a long time. I'll have to check out the quilt-along! Have fun with it.

  2. I will love following your progress. That is a super undertaking and will be interesting to follow. Judy C sends her best.