Wednesday, June 15, 2011

YES, I am ...

CRAZY... I am starting another one! I have so many projects that are waiting for TLC. BUT, this QA is eating away at me. The QA is Simple Things... being hosted by Charming Girls, Kelly of Charming Chatter and Carol of Brown Quilts. There are two project sizes to choose from. I am hooked on the big one by Carol but, I am loving Kelly's little version, too!

I want to make Carols version large enough to fit a queen size bed. I am trying to figure out how to grow the quilt without ruining the integrity of her design. Suggestions, are very much appreciated. I am not a math whiz and don't claim to be but, I know it can be done! Might have to get SO involved in this!

Part of my justification for starting this project is one, I have all the fabric in my stash. I over bought for a mystery QA that I ended up opting out of and was left with oodles of the fabric line Sunkissed, by Sweetwater. Reason two, is that SO and his dad have drawn up plans to build a bed frame. We up sized beds a few years ago and have never had a nice frame for the bed. Well, with a new bed in the makes, there certainly should be a new quilt, right?

Here is my fabric choice...

I should note, I won the second fat eighth. So, as you see I have truly been Sunkissed! Do you see that nose in the picture?

Anna, had a Dr visit today for shots and regular check up, she has been extra clingy. Her tail wagged the whole time I was taking the pictures, she thought it was all about her, as usual!

They have only posted the cutting directions. It's not too late to join in, you know you want too!!!

I also have to show you these...

I made these for DD. She picked out the fabric when she was here this spring. She thought it would make up cute pillowcases for camping, she was right! Are these just not the cutest? She will have one classy camper!


  1. Oh...I just love your fabric choice. I am sooooo trying hard not to start a new project....trying it she main word here.

  2. I do wish you would not talk so loud about the quilt along with Kelly and Carol. I have been putting off joining that and all I hear is everyone else talking about it. Maybe I will go look at my stash - no, I do not have time - well, maybe that fat quarter bundle I won, NO, you are moving so stop starting something else. Maybe I will just collect the instructions. Shucks - Judy C is pouting now

  3. Your fabric is so so pretty! Isn't it fun getting ready for a new bed quilt? I have one at the top quilter that I'm so excited about! I can't wait to see your progress with the beautiful Sunkissed fabric.

  4. you could make 2 more rows wide, and long, adding one on each side, to expand the quilt without losing the overall design. If you need bigger add 2 rows on each side.
    You can also make the border wider to make up several inches.
    Im seriously drooling over all that Sunkissed!!! Gorgeous!!

  5. The pillowcase are perfect...and I am looking at the quiltalong, so far I have resisted. But I love the fabrics you are using and I am even more tempted. I am also tempted with the Farmers Wife quiltalong...what am I thinking? Need to get caught up on the Civil War blocks! Must have quilters ADHD!

  6. I think CaraQuilts has your answer just add more rows.Your fabric looks yummy! Love those pillow cases too . We have a RV and need to make up some too!
    Sweet pup you have!