Sunday, September 25, 2011


Warning... This post drags, blah, blah, blah...

I mentioned in my last post that I had set my "focus" on something this summer.  Well, that focus has been me!  I had a reality check this spring when we had visitors and pictures were taken, I was appalled...I literally gasped when I saw them.  I later had my own pitty party and shed tears over what I had seen.  I hardly recognized myself and no, I won't share those pictures. I was out of control and knew the only way to fix it was going to be through myself. This I know...If you do what you always did, then you will get what you always got!

I also, had a milestone birthday approaching and knew I had to leave my 40's behind and go into my 50's feeling better.

It began slow through proper nutrition and exercise, I have lost over 35lbs and figure I am about halfway to where I need to be.  I want to get to a weight that I can maintain and feel comfortable carrying.  The number is not important to me but,  how I feel.

Though diet was my main focus I also, incorporated exercise.  I have always enjoyed walking but wanted more of a challange.  I wanted an accomplishment!  I decided I would train to run my first 5k.  Well, last week I turned 50 and today, I celebrated!!! 

I ran my first 5k and I am tickled to say I completed it!!! I wasn't the fastest but, I found my pace and ran my race!  I finished the run without stopping and it felt great!!! The camera man didn't see the extra batteries I had set out so, there were no finish line pictures but, I do have a medal to prove!

I had told SO, that I did not want anything for my birthday but time.  I wanted to hang with him over the weekend.   We have both had a rough summer with obligations at work and have not had much together time.  We even took seperate vacations to visit our kids.  We could not coordinate our time off together, that sucked!
SO, told me not to make plans... as he had a surprise.  We were going to be out of town over night.  I asked him what I needed to pack and he said, casual would be fine.  Then he did drop one hint, Galena!  That is Galena, Illinois.  I love this area, it is so beautiful.  Picture perfect!
About halfway there, he called to confirm his plans.  I could see on his face, it was not good!  The weather was not going to cooperate and they were cancelling the evening flight!
This is what was planned...

We tried again the next moring but again, the weather did not cooperate.  I was touched by the fact that SO, wanted to give me a memory for my 50th Birthday.  We did make memories...

We had a nice dinner, and meandered  in and out of the quaint shops that line the curvey main street.  This town is so romantic and full of ambiance...

We also, took a run down the alpine slide...

This was so fun, you ride the sleds down the run, which decends a half mile down the hills to the bottom where the Mississippi River lies, across the river is Iowa.  Again, views are breath taking.  Then you ride the chair lift back up and do it again!
I had a terrific time with SO and I am happy to have celebrated another birthday.  There was a time I despised them but, now I embrass them!!!
I am promising, quilty things to come!


  1. What an awesome post...and good for you in the weight loss department....that is awesome!! Happy Birthda!

  2. Happy Birthday! and way to go with getting your life/health back on track. Will you come here and kick me into starting?

  3. OK so I have to say SHUUSH up My daughter was in the QC Marathon! She is part of 'Pammy's kids' they are all special needs and each kids gets pushed through @5 miles of the full marathon and then we finish as a team!!
    I am so proud of you! And on a side note I have to say I sure hope you finished before that HORRID rain came in! The runners got SO cold! I just did my first 5K this summer as well! (race for the cure) and what an accomplishment! keep up the great work!!

  4. Yeah you!!! You are an inspiration to all of us. And, even though you didn't get to do exactly what you wanted to do for the big B-day, you got make some fun memories anyway, which is always good.

  5. Congrats, Congrats and more Congrats!!! You rock! What an inspiration!!!! So sorry that the plan didn't work out but it was thought that counted most for sure!!

  6. What an inspiration to us all! Congrats on all of your accomplishments with being true to yourself as the biggest one. Great big WAY TO GO from North Dakota!!
    (Isnt the finishing of a race one of the best feelings ever?!) :)

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday and welcome to the 50's. Trust me when I say you're going to enjoy these years. Way to go on your goals and accomplishments.