Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sophia returned home, end of last week. There was nothing wrong with her per say. She was in need of a good cleaning (this machine does not need oil). I was told to have her cleaned professionally once a year. I have only had her cleaned once before on her first birthday and that was complimentary. We have since relocated to eastern Iowa so I took her into a local certified Huskavarna dealer with a good reputation to do the maintenance. I did not ask what a standard cleaning cost, thinking it would be in the ball park of the shop where I adopted her; The Quilting Connection in Ames, IA. I was blown away when I was told it would be $96.27 I asked if they had to do something more and they said no our standard cleaning is $89.95 + tax. WOW!!! Is it me or does that seem excessive? Of course I paid it and shame on me for not asking ahead of time but, I just never thought it would be a $30 difference (this is money that could have been spent on fabric!) On my way home I called The Quilting Connection to see if their rates had gone up and no they were still $59 but, a 3 hour drive away. I will be doing a bit more research next time before I just drop her off again! I also, bought her a gift. I purchased a small vacuum attachment kit ($12 investment)that will attach to my regular vacuum to help keep her clean. I can also use on computer and other small!

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