Thursday, January 14, 2010

Now, where did that get put???

I have misplaced myself, my focus, my mojo... I am in a bit of a rut here and scrambling to get out of it. I can't seem to streamline myself to accomplish anything. I think about what I need to do and what I want to do...but, that seems to be as far as it gets. I am not a winter person and when it gets cold I simply want to hibernate. I had all these big plans this year, that I would sew my way through a long winter and take advantage of having to be indoors. Well, here it is mid-January and I have no focus and nothing completed! Sophia has returned home (more on that later) and I have no where I have to be today, so I am heading up to my sewing room to see if I can find my mojo that has been misplaced!


  1. Hi fellow Circuit Block Party member!
    Oh, don't I know all about losing my mojo!! Last year was the year for it. I did only ONE quilt!! Quite disgusting actually, since I work in a quilting shop and have all the inspiration around me. Well, I found it again.

    Maybe sort out your fabrics, have a play with them, read some quilting mags or books ~ you may just get a tingle of inspiration from these and then who knows?? You may just get your mojo back.

    Don't worry, even the best of us loses it sometimes.


  2. Good luck finding the mojo. Sometimes it just goes on vacation for awhile. I know it happens to me. Have you tried one of the UV lights/lamps? I have one next to my sewing machine and I find it helps, I get the boost from it and it makes it easier to see! LOL