Saturday, March 6, 2010

Computer Issues... HELP!!!

I apparently have either deleted or hidden(so good no one can find it) my photo upload/download capabilites on my PC (HP). My SO can no longer find the program and apparently it is not a priority to him (actually the guy is really busy @ work these days) I sit for a week without being able to post a picture.

Keep in mind I am not computer savvy... Do I to take my computer to a tech and have them find where the old one is stored or if I actually did delete the thing. Or just go out and purchase a new program (which one???), or is there one on line I can download (for no cost)?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
thank you-


  1. If you can't upload etc your pics from your camera it is probably a driver issue. You can either go to you camera manufacturer's website (ie fuji film, nikon) and search there for the driver or google your camera and the word driver and probab)
    Hope this helps.

  2. I a sorry, I am not compter savvy enough, hope you get your issues resolved!

  3. Picasa is a free download from google that I use for most of my blog photos. It's quick and fairly easy.