Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Honest, I was there...

At the Friday Night Sew In...BUT confess, I left early. My SO came home and surprised me and offered to "just hang out." We have had such limited time together this past year that when opportunity, open the door. Besides, the fact I can honestly say "I like just hanging with him." We ran errands, watched a couple movies and on Saturday night he found a local pizza place that would let us watch the WCHA hockey tournament (by the way my University of North Dakota, Fighting Sioux won!!!). We are both college hockey fans (for different schools!) and since moving to Iowa finding college hockey in this area is not easy. Every now and then we head north to visit family and take in a game. The Sioux now head to the NCAA men's hockey tournament...woo hoo!!!(SO's team the Minnesota Gophers never made it to the playoffs). If you hadn't noticed everything is college basketball. Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled that Northern Iowa has rocked the tournament and is the Cinderella team we want to see take it ALL.

I was in and out of my sewing room over the weekend and I do have a NEW project in the works. It is a spring wall hanging "Bloom" that was in the last issue of Fons & Porter. Nothing fancy but, thought it might help me get out of my funk and think spring!!!

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