Saturday, July 31, 2010

Schnibbles Times Two Contest Entry...

Here is my contest entry... via, Kelly over at Cotton Charm Quilts.

 My version of Hot Cross, using Fruitcake by basicgrey. This was another live and learn lesson, not smart to wait until the last minute (not enough time for a fix/redo!), lets just say she has some "character" but, I still wanted to show her off.  She is sweet, fun, and charming and will be a cozy addition to the holidays! I met a goal and have a July finish!  This was my first Schnibble and I will definitely be Schnibbling again!!!


  1. Great job!! I'm afraid mine isn't going to be done, I've not got the binding done, and to be honest the quilting on mine didn't turn out so well.
    I'm glad we've hooked you on those Schnibbles too!

  2. It looks great! And now you have an addition to your Christmas decorations. Love it!

    I'm hooked too! LOL!