Monday, March 28, 2011

The Birthday quilt, that almost was'nt... (part II)

A quiet weekend around here.  Which is a good thing as I am fighting with a cold, it's trying to take over and I am fighting back but, starting to feel like I am loosing ground. 

However, lots of quiet time allowed me to finish the binding on the Birthday quilt...

If you  look straight across the middle, this is where the extra cut was made (by me!). Originally, I thought I had blown it all together and it was going to be too obvious.  BUT, I sewed it back together and pondered.  Here is my thought... this is a quilt for my 2 year old grandson, it is not a "show quilt" nor is it a quilt made for a bed spread,  it is meant to be drug around and cuddled with.  It is meant to be loved.  I don't think he or his dad will notice the flaw.

Here is the big picture...  I love the colors and masculine designs.  I have had a hard time finding fabric for boys that I like. I also came to the conclusion, so what if it is a little messy, it's no different than grama's kisses...XOX


  1. I so agree - that quilt is meant to be loved and not admired. Makes a good boy quilt. Judy C

  2. Beautiful quilt in your header! I love the classic patterns. Saw your comment on another site regarding interest in an I Spy Swap, and wasn't sure if you made the cut. I'm currently hosting one on my blog and would love to have you participate if interested:)