Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't, seal that envelope...

Without taking a picture, or two.  I am participating in a couple pincushion swaps this spring. The first one wraps at the end of the month and this should have been in the mail a week ago as it has to travel to Canada.  When SO got home from work Friday evening he said "pack a bag" were making a road trip to Minnesota!  Army man is flying out, Saturday night back to Alaska for 20 days and then off to Afghanistan and I want to have dinner with him before he leaves.  We were in the car ready to go and I ran back into the house to get the pin cushion, telling SO, this has to ship this weekend! 
So away we went... We got to SO's folks home (the in laws) @ 2am.   Saturday morning I got up and made my way to Target to get a shipping envelope.  I was in the parking lot, addressing the envelope when it occurred to me that I had taken a picture,!   So ... here are a couple quick shots, courtesy of a shopping cart.  But hey, at least I remembered!

My partner for the swap does not have a blog, so we swapped a couple emails.  I was a able to figure out she doesn't much care for pink and loves paisley!  Hope this will do! 

Saturday night we enjoyed a casual dinner with Army man and SO's parents before he left for the airport.  It was well worth the drive for a couple more hours to visit with Army man.

This is my favorite picture of SO with his boys...
SO, Boat man, and Army man.  Know that you are loved, always in our thoughts and prayers and proud to call you son, stay safe!


  1. Cute pin cusion and handsome men!

  2. I love the quilt at the top of your blog! Could you please tell me what pattern/designer it is?
    Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

  3. How cute. I have always loved that fabric line. Is that your own pattern???