Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Spy Swap...

I spy...
marbles, girls with pig tails, fish, cars & roads, funky trees, paddle balls, mittens, all kinds of tools, little green apples, bees on honeycomb, and monkeys with surf boards
I am participating in an I Spy swap over at Hendrixville and each participant is to send 20-4" squares from 10 pieces of novelty, "I spyish" fabric these are my selections. In return we get back 200 different (hopefully) pieces.  I am actually sending 11 different pieces.  I am concerned about the quality of one my selections although it did come from a QS, so thought if the I Spy guru wanted to switch it out she could or everyone gets an extra!


  1. I love I Spy quilts. The novelty fabrics are always such fun.

  2. I signed up for an I Spy Swap..but not the same place. Looks fun! By the way...LOVE your quilt in your banner...the yellow really makes it!

  3. I should have just come over here and taken your picture of the blocks! :D