Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just the right one...

I finally have it!

 I have been reading so many post, on "Word Up."  The idea is to find the one word that will describe you in the year to come.  Believe me, I have mulled over this word.  I have read many post and everyone seemed to have, just the right word.  There are some GREAT words out there!

But, what would be "MY word".  I had a short list and occasionally, would add too it or scratch one off.  But, my word... just wasn't there.  I really wanted to be "true to myself and my expectations for my quilting journey."  Then it hit me, and I'll be darn... it was already on the list!!!  So, that must be "MY word."

PERSIST, is my word.  I want to persist, to move forward, to continue, to carry on, be persistent, in all aspects of life!!!  However, linking to my quilting journey...  I think about quilting,  ALL the time, it is ALWAYS in my head but, when it comes to doing it!  That is another story...

I often ask, what is it, that is holding me back?  It's generally, me (right now, I am dealing with the winter blues).  I sew for me (well, usually it's gifted to someone else) but, I sew to satisfy me, to find a creative outlet, to enjoy the process, to have a reason to buy wonderful fabrics (fabric fondler, here!), or simply because I can.  I love the feeling of accomplishment, when something is completed.  I get bogged down with guilt when I start "another project" and I have so many unfinished, that could be done if I would just give it the time! With all this being said... I am going to become a MUF's girl,  MUF's "Masterpieces Under Fermentation." 

I am going to let go of the guilt and sew for myself, what I want, when I want, and enjoy it!!! Occasionally the "deadline," will loom and that is OK, too!!!  I know a long post  but, it's been building inside and I just had to let it out!

P.S.  If all of this seems like mumbo jumbo to you and you want to make  sense of it, you can  read about "word up" and "MUF's" over at Kelly's blog Charming Chatter.

I am letting go of the guilt... and it feels good!!!


  1. Oh, my wheels are already churning on "my" word! And, the MUFs is so cute! Im on my way to check them out too. Thanks for sharing and letting it out for us all to read and enjoy! May you persist through 2011 guilt free!

  2. Good for what YOU want, and enjoy! No guilt, I had to have that little talk with myself and I feel so much better!

  3. It has been great reading everyone's post about their words. It was fun to discover just the right word, and then see others do the same. I do really like your post today and love your word!! And love your reasoning and why it suits you this year. Good for you!!!

  4. Good word! I hope you persist in following your dreams.

  5. Good Morning "Kimland" - Love your word and I am sure it will work wonders for you. Can't wait to read all about your finishes. I am tired of using my words - Assess, Adapt, and Overcome - since we are moving this year - they make me tired for all the obvious reasons and it has only been two weeks. Enjoy your journey from Judy C at