Thursday, January 20, 2011

One, step forward... ten, steps back!!!

Tackling, a UFO... I pulled out the "heart quilt" I had pieced 4-5 years ago and finally got up the nerve to attempt quilting it myself.  I would attempt, meandering loops w/ random hearts.  I have a fab-u-motion for my machine (the Viking version of a stitch regulator. Not difficult to use but, not something I want to set up and tear down daily) I figured it would take me a week or so to complete,  trying to space out my sewing, as to not reek too much havoc on my shoulders and back.  I don't use the fab-motion enough to be "good" but manage. 

Anyhow, I plugged away at it and did a good amount on Saturday and finished on Sunday.  WELL.... apparently on Saturday, I had not adjusted my tension (something that has to be done, every time you turn it on!).  I did not discover this, until I was finished or so, I thought!

SOOooo, now I have to rip out, all that I did on Saturday and "redo."  I am wondering if I should just rip out the whole thing and start all over???  I suppose, I can chalk it up as "good practice" but, what a waste of time.  It looks, like this will remain an "unfinished Valentine," another year, or two!, GRRR....


  1. I am sooooooooooooooooooo sorry...I hate that reverse sewing.....the quilt is adorable!

  2. I hate when that happens! Sit in the evenings to rip it out and so something more fun during premium stitching hours.

    The quilt is worth saving!!