Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Holiday Adventure, 2010...

Warning...  this post is a bit lengthy.

The week before Christmas, SO and I took an evening trip to Galena, IL for the Christmas Walk.  The town on any day is incredibly beautiful and oh, so charming.  The Main Street remains in it's original form.  It is a quaint curved street lined by small gift, boutique shops, and numerous fine dining restaurants on both sides.  This winter night, is was particularly beautiful... The town was lined with over 5000 luminaries.  The pictures just do not do it justice and it didn't help that my camera batteries were low and my camera kept shutting down...grrr. (clearly, operator error) ohh, and did I mention it was cold...VERY COLD!!!  here are a few poor quality pictures...

 Anyhow, after dinner we were strolling the streets enjoying the romantic ambiance and gazing in the store windows, pretending the cold wasn't bothering us when...There "I saw them!"  Houses, Beautiful Glittery, Christmas Houses.  I collect vintage ornaments and these houses would be a great compliment to my collection.   My camera was dead by then and it was getting late and we needed to head for home.  I woke in the morning still thinking of the beautiful little houses.  SO, suggested I check on line.  Well, I forgot to get the name of the store, I started putting random things into Google to see if I could find them.  Finally I put in Galena shops and after calling only 3 shops, I found them @ Fairytales Too!!!  The clerk at the shop guided me to their web-site and there they were!!!  I showed them to SO and he confirmed , "yup, that looks like them!"  In the next breath, he told me to place my order and yes, you can get the trees too!!! 

SO, you are RIGHT...I am spoiled!!! But, then who is to blame for that???
 *wink,wink*  THANK YOU!!!

They arrived just in time for Christmas and I must say, I was every bit as tickled unpacking the boxes as when I first saw them in the window.  I am truly infatuated with them...

I did not get them "displayed" as I would, had it been early in the season but, I did put them up and here they are...

 I ended up with a church, 2 houses, and 6 trees. Yes, the houses light up and next year I will do that as they are properly displayed. This year, I was simply satisfied to have them.

 I put the bottle of Fantastic, next to the houses and trees to show the size.
 The pictures just do not do these justice.
                                                                     I want to live here!!!


  1. Those houses are beauuutiful! I may have to check out the website myself. Glad you had a fun time. THe town looks truly enchanting.

  2. Okay, I've looked at every single item on their website. Where are your adorable houses hiding?

  3. i love those houses!! love them.
    i want to start a collection of my own. need to be on the lookout.