Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's a grama, to do???

I have mentioned before, that I have two grandsons Logan & Lane.  They are just 5 months apart in age (respectively 2.2 & 1.8 years old). I found this adorable flannel (great quality and super soft) I bought all they had.  Not exactly enough to make a decent quilt for both of them.  Keep in mind both little boys have been born to parents with,  STRONG agricultural back grounds, and it will be part of their lives too.  My dilemma, which one gets this adorable print made into a quilt???

Neither... because grama, has to be fair!!!  So, I split it and made, pillowcase's...

These are going to be their Valentine's with a little extra love from grama, inside!

If only, I could deliver them in person...


  1. Adorable!! My mom and I are on a big pillowcase making kick. Well, more her than me, but its fun seeing them all and how each person personalizes them. Your little guys will love them!